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Our Approach

COWORDS is committed to providing targeted communication for leading businesses.


The world around us is changing rapidly, constantly presenting new challenges and opportunities when it comes to developing more efficient communication solutions to best serve this increasingly-connected planet.

COWORDS’ mission is to accompany our clients wherever they may be in the world, allowing them to create value and optimise their business activities through offering sustainable, multilingual communication solutions.

COWORDS offers translation and interpretation services to professionals, enabling them to improve their multilingual communication.

Everywhere in the world, COWORDS is helping clients to develop and grow thanks to improved communication


COWORDS works with clients to create a shared project, offering a tailor-made, customisable service adapted to their individual requirements.


Our knowledge, techniques and expertise mean we are always able to adapt to the budgetary demands of our clients and to optimise work organisation.

Our management system guaranties that you will be closely accompanied throughout the process to ensure it conforms to your expectations.


Here at COWORDS, we believe in the importance of sharing with clients our vision of our role, which is based on the following values:


The field of translation requires a high level of service, combining technical expertise, specialist knowledge, efficiency and quality. It is essential that we are exacting in our response to each client requirement, aiming for an excellent standard of work in all of our projects.


As a service provider, it is essential that we swiftly react to any client concerns. We are committed to dealing immediately with any requests made to us and providing a response in the shortest time possible.


We commit to each client and partner when it comes to meeting the goals that we have set together. We invest, with care and a sense of responsibility, in each job that our clients entrust to us. Your goals are our goals.


We are committed to building a true partnership that is based on the principles of respect, transparency, honesty and trust, which we share with our clients and partners. This is the foundation for a lasting relationship that will allow us to develop alongside our business partners.

Our Solutions

It is a given that developping a company is challenging. We can help you tackle some issues. Whether it’s translating a product manual,

accompany you on a business trip, help you understand an important training session in a language you don’t understand, we will provide hands-on assistance.


COWORDS offers complete solutions in translation, regardless of the area, size and complexity of your project. We are prepared to handle all stages of the process from simple messages to complex agreements, proposals, technical articles and manuals. We implement procedures and technology to ensure excellence and expertise in translations.

The more documents we translate for your company, the more familiar we become with the language used in your company. Technology and the latest translation aid tools enable us to customize and standardize the terminology adopted for your documents. Accordingly, the original message is transmitted with accuracy and clarity in the intended language.



Conference interpreters work in a soundproof booth. They receive sound from the speaker through headphones and immediately translate the speech into a microphone which is then channeled to the audience.


The success of any business meeting or training course involving foreigners relies on effective communication.
A foreign expert will not be able to train your employees efficiently unless the language/cultural barriers are overcome. COWORDS is fully aware of this, and provides experienced translators to act as facilitators, in order to maximize effectiveness in workshops, business meetings or training courses.

In consecutive interpreting the interpreter listens to the speakers speech in full or in large blocks. Then, and usually with the aid of notes jotted down, the interpreter translates the whole speech.


The interpreter is close to the participant/s and translates the speakers speech in a whisper.


We also offer customized services for welcoming foreign visitors, from arrival at a French airport through to their participation in business meetings or dinners.


Translation booths

The success of an event with simultaneous translation depends not only on a competent team of interpreters, but also on appropriate equipment, a well-trained technical crew to assemble, operate and disassemble the equipment.

COWORDS provides leading edge simultaneous interpreting equipment from the best brands available in the market :

Soundproof translation booths
Portable transmitters
Multiple channel wireless receivers
Wireless microphones
Clip-on microphones

Portable Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

COWORDS also provides compact simultaneous interpreting equipment, more suitable for use in smaller venues thereby foregoing the use of a booth, transportation and technicians.

This type of equipment is also frequently used during industrial facility tours, where the system is used as transmission equipment, and the speaker talks normally into the microphone, and can be heard by the group wearing headphones, in spite of the possibly high level of surrounding noise.

Keep in mind that to ensure the success of your event, it is essential for participants to receive the content of the translated message with absolute clarity, regardless of the environment.

Our nuclear specialty

We carry out annually a significant part of our activity for the nuclear industry. We provide our clients with a structured set of knowledge and very precise terminology based on nuclear certifications and a proven practice of technical translation projects.

Today, the signals are on green so that we fully realize our ambition and our long-term commitment to you, our customers, and our correspondents in the nuclear industry: be your reference partner for your evolving needs in translation and technical interpretation.

A trained and empowered team

The specific constraints of the nuclear sector are systematically apprehended through training and retraining of all members of our team, with the objective of being able to support our clients in nuclear power plants in France and abroad.

Each member of our team is therefore:

  • DATR  certified (Category B workers) with up-to-date medical visits
  • In possession of a national EDF badge
  • In possession of a personal dosimeter

A diversity of missions in nuclear sites in France and abroad

We intervene in the framework of our missions on numerous nuclear sites among which:

– France : Civaux, Blayais, Penly, Chinon, Saint-Alban, Tricastin, Dampierre Cruas, Fessenheim…

– UK: Hinkley point, Sizewell, Hunterston

– Spain : Cofrentes, Trillo, Ascó

– China : Daya Bay, Fangchenggang

– Brasil : Angra

Our Team

Our Clients

Clément Defontaine

Co-Founder and Lead Translator

Gabrielle Martin Da Silva

Co-Founder and Managing Director


We’re a translation and interpretation studio currently based in Paris, France. We help leading businesses tackle their language issues. You can contact us anytime. We’re linguists and we love to talk!

  • Head Office:
    Cowords Translation Studio
    34, rue de la Cordonnerie
    45190 Beaugency
  • Office in Paris:
    Cowords Translation Studio
    49, rue du Chemin Vert
    75011 Paris
  • hello@cowords.org
  • www.cowords.org